Steering information for Operations with Analytics4

Operations form the core of your business. Your production, your services, your warehousing, logistics and projects. Achieving the desired results requires careful management and monitoring of your processes. In order to track your KPIs, you must combine data from different systems into clear dashboards.

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Our Analytics4 solution offers the right measuring values to facilitate reporting and analysis from your ERP system across all possible dimensions. It even offers automatically calculated measuring values. Generating new dashboards will become easier, faster and less prone to error. Additionally, you can easily add data from other sources to your dashboards.

Examples of Operations KPIs

Some examples of Operations KPIs with Analytics4:

  • Production downtime
  • On-time delivery
  • Production vs. budget
  • Project hours and costs vs. planning
  • Inventory turnover rate


Our standard Analytics4 reporting solutions are compatible with the following ERP systems:


To date, we have helped many organisations with their operations reporting issues and with setting up their BI environment. Over the years, we have realised myriad successful implementations of our Analytics4 solutions.

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