Analytics4: management information for other sectors

In addition to the previously mentioned sectors, Ensior also helps organisations in the following sectors analyse their ERP data with ease and obtain relevant management reports:

  • Government
  • Financial services
  • Construction sector
  • Utility sector
  • Transport and logistics

For all sectors it is essential to have a good grip on your turnover and cost patterns, capacity planning or liquidity position. Analysing your ERP data makes it easier to monitor matters such as project costs compared to budgets, or improving the payment behaviour of your customers.

Vraag een demo aanThe weak spots in your organisation will be flawlessly exposed by data. Analyse the processes and all underlying links using Ensior’s Analytics4 solution.

Your ERP data becomes automatically accessible and can be combined with other sources, such as your time registration or CRM system. Ensior brings your data to life through clear dashboards such as for your profit and loss account, thanks to its Analytics4 solutions.

Examples of KPIs

Read some examples of KPIs for other services with Analytics4

  • Profit and loss account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cost analysis compared to previous period or budget
  • Liquidity forecast
  • Profitability per customer or project
  • Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Sickness absence analysis


Our Analytics4 reporting solutions is available for the following systems:


We have provided the following organisations with assistance in their business intelligence issues. And we have successfully implemented the Analytics4 solutions.

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