Analytics4: management information for the retail sectorRetail

Analysing your ERP, POS and e-commerce data makes it easier to improve your product-market combinations and optimise your inventory management. You not only analyse the replenishment processes, but also your purchasing figures and sales results, if necessary in relation to your customer card. By integrating data from different systems you strengthen the entire supply chain or you can increase your customer lifetime value.

Request a demoAnalyse the process and all underlying links using Ensior's Analytics4 solution.
Your ERP data becomes automatically accessible and can combined with other sources, such as your WMS, or even your visitor counter sensors. Ensior brings your data to life through clear dashboards thanks to its Analytics4 solutions.

Examples of KPIs

Read some example kpi for the retail sector with Analytics4 below:

  • Basket Analysis
  • Replenishment optimisation
  • Just-in-time inventory
  • Turnover per m2, region, seller, etc.
  • E-commerce returns %
  • Liquidity forecast
  • Shop visit purchase conversion


Our Analytics4 reporting solutions is available for the following systems:


We have provided the following organisations with assistance in their business intelligence issues. And we have successfully implemented the Analytics4 solutions.

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