The management of Ensior consists of the three founders of the company. The team focuses on enabling continued growth of the company based on reliability and quality.

ensior management team

f.l.t.r. L. Wiggers, E. Ammerlaan, S. Honig

Lodewijk Wiggers Solutions & Technology Manager

Lodewijk Wiggers (1974) obtained a Master's degree in Applied Physics at the University of Delft in 1998. After completing his degree he worked as a consultant for the software company Applix after which he moved to the CRM Consultancy company 4C Consulting.

As co-founder and partner of Ensior, Lodewijk has been active as a Principal Consultant with many different customers in various sectors. The roles range from consultant, architect, modelling expert, to project manager.

Edward Ammerlaan Finance & Operations Manager

In 1997 Edward Ammerlaan (1972) obtained a Master’s degree in Technology and Management at the University of Twente. After completing his degree he worked for the technical conglomerate Stork in various process and management functions. He then went on to work as CRM Consultant for 4C Consulting.

As co-founder and partner of Ensior, Edward has worked as Senior BI Consultant for many customers in the role of architect and project manager.

Currently he is Finance & Operations Manager, being responsible for the team of consultants and developing their skills.

Sander Honig Commercial Manager

Sander Honig (1960) is the commercial engine behind Ensior. After completing his degree at the International Hotel Management school in the Hague in 1984, he has held several sales & marketing functions in the hospitality sector (Hilton, Holiday Inn), financial services (Visa) and ICT services (ICL, 4C Consulting).

Sander is our market face, with an open character and a natural instinct for honest long-term relationships. With both the customers and partners of Ensior! He has more than twenty years’ experience in the sales and marketing of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.

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