Sales steering information with Analytics4

What determines the true success of a sales department? The number of orders? Billed revenue? Client profitability? Growth percentages? Taking a data-driven approach to managing sales teams offers many benefits. With revenue trend analyses, conversion rates and drill-down analyses, you can separate the wheat from the chaff.

Request a demoOur Analytics4 solution makes generating your reports less time-consuming and less prone to errors, compared to manually composing queries and reports. On top of that, Analytics4 combines data from different sources, allowing you to create insightful Power BI dashboards with just a few clicks.

Examples of sales KPIs

Some examples of Sales KPIs with Analytics4:

  • Revenue vs. targets
  • Revenue and quantities per salesperson, country, product category, etcetera
  • Sales funnel analysis
  • Conversion rates
  • Campaign results


Our standard Analytics4 reporting solutions are compatible with the following ERP systems:


To date, we have helped many organisations with their sales reporting issues and with setting up their BI environment. Over the years, we have realised myriad successful implementations of our Analytics4 solutions.

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