Steering information for HR with Analytics4

How does HR contribute to your organisation's results? Are we achieving our recruitment targets and are we monitoring the recruitment costs? Is our staff turnover rate too high? Monitoring your HR processes pays off if the HR data from your ERP system are properly reported and analysed. By integrating Analytics4 into your ERP system, you can do just that.

Request a demoOur Analytics4 solution offers the right HR-related values to facilitate reporting and analysis from your ERP system across all possible dimensions. Power BI dashboards serve to automate and simplify the process of justifying and reporting on your HR activities.

Examples of HR KPIs

Some examples of HR KPIs with Analytics4:

  • FTE reporting vs. budget
  • Leave/absenteeism analysis
  • Age and service years analysis
  • Recruitment costs
  • Leasing contracts


Our standard Analytics4 reporting solutions are compatible with the following ERP systems:


We have provided the following organisations with assistance in their business intelligence issues. And we have successfully implemented the Analytics4 solutions.

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