Ensior, as Microsoft Gold Partner, supports a comprehensive palette of BI tools ensuring a suitable solution for every information requirement. Thanks to the top-rated Power BI, front-end dashboard and visualisation tool, control information is readily available to everyone in your organisation.

Standard reports (paginated reports) can still be easily distributed through Reporting Services, either with or without use of cubes or tabular models in Analysis Services. Microsoft BI tools integrate perfectly with Office, Dynamics 365 and Sharepoint to enable corporate-wide information provision through dashboards, lightning fast analysis options and ad hoc tools.

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Microsoft’s Azure platform gives you countless options for data management. With Data Factory, Azure SQL Database and Azure Analysis Services, you can harness the power of the flexible cloud platform. Without administration costs! It’s possible to purchase most BI products as a service, charged per use. But you can also rent your own complete virtual machine with SQL Server on Azure, as an alternative to your current hosting through another party.

  • Reduction of management costs
  • Get new developments earlier
  • Highly scalable

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With Power BI, Microsoft offers an easy-to-use tool for your dashboards, data visualisations, analyses and data discovery. In a simple way without requiring technical knowledge, new insights can be extracted from a wide range of sources. Collect and prepare your data in Power BI, or effortlessly use an existing cube or tabular model, as in our QuickStart solutions. Power BI is available free in desktop and otherwise in Pro and Premium licences. Premium also includes Power BI Report Builder, giving you the option of providing paginated reports in the Power BI cloud portal.

Power BI can also be used on-premises with Power BI Report Server, a combination of the SQL Server Reporting Services portal which also displays Power BI reports. Ask for the available options.

  • Data extraction, modelling and visualisation in 1 tool
  • Ideal for analysts
  • Best value for money

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SQL Server Reporting Services (a.k.a SSRS) is part of SQL Server. Most probably you have this already. Reporting Services is particularly suited to more complex standard reports involving more formatting, also in addition to Power BI. Reports can be built and formatted in detail using the supplied Report Builder tool. These can be distributed via the authorisation rules or made available on the SSRS portal. With Power BI Report Builder (in the Power BI Premium licence) you can also build and display these paginated reports in the cloud portal PowerBI.com.

  • Part of SQL Server
  • Create, manage and distribute standard reports
  • Exceptionally low costs

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SQL Server Analysis Services (a.k.a. SSAS) is part of SQL Server. It enables lightning-fast access to large amounts of data. Both in multidimensional mode (classic OLAP cubes) and in tabular mode (in memory analytics engine), it is possible to quickly browse through data. In Analysis Services, Data Tools are used to create reporting models that can be used with Microsoft’s own BI tools (such as Power BI or Report Builder), as well as many BI tools from other suppliers.

  • Real-time or in memory
  • Accessible to third party query tools
  • Part of SQL Server

As the foundation of numerous applications, the SQL Server database is Microsoft's key platform when it comes to data. However, SQL Server also includes a whole suite of Business Intelligence tools, for both reporting and advanced analysis. This is why Ensior uses SQL Server as the basis of the Ensior Data Automation product for quickly establishing a data warehouse. Especially when the data is coming from different sources.

  • Cost effective
  • World-class database engine
  • Complete Business Intelligence suite

SQL Server Integration Services (also known as SSIS) is associated with the SQL Server and is a workflow-based data migration, integration and transformation (ETL) tool. Integration Services integrates seamlessly with the SQL Server database engine.

  • Configurations (OTAP)
  • Part of SQL Server


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