BI-Event 2010 - The BI-platform and Database Magazine for the second time organize this Congress. Ensior's Ton Nagelhout will give a presentation about dashboarding. And renowned speakers, like Bill InMon and Rick van der Lans, will share their views on issues of Business Intelligence.

The BI-Event 2010 is a meeting for all those professionally involved in business intelligence.
This year is a track dedicated to Cloud Computing, which addresses Software as a Service, BI as a (managed) service and Analytics and Data Integration in the Cloud in detail.

Ensior's Ton Nagelhout will give a presentation titled "Dashboarding and the human dimension".
In this presentation dashboarding neither will be seen from the technology or business perspective, but from the human perspective. This human dimension is central to an exploratory search for mechanisms that may be useful in the design of a dashboard. It will be from disciplines other than Business Intelligence potentially interesting and sometimes surprising clues are identified and assessed on their practical impact and usefulness. This is not so much a set of best practices, but rather an introduction to underlying mechanisms.

As sponsor of the 2010 BI-Event Ensior invites you to visite their booth on May 18

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