garantibank logoGaranti Bank chooses Ensior! - Ensior recently began optimising the existing data warehouse at Garanti Bank International. Ensior was asked to optimise the structure of the current data warehouse so that it can be used more efficiently by all the departments at the bank. An assessment carried out by Ensior was used to define the project timelines, obtain a picture of the knowledge that was currently present, define the hardware required and prepare the project approach.

As well as the project management, Ensior is also responsible for setting up the data warehouse architecture, the developments in the ETL layer and the business reporting and analysis. A decision was also made to roll SAP BusinessObjects out extensively throughout the organisation. This has led to standardisation of the number of available reports and the bank has achieved greater uniformity in terms of working methods and administration. In short, a user-friendly reporting environment has been delivered, based on reliable data, allowing Garanti Bank International to become even more capable of achieving its growth targets for the years to come. In technical terms, an environment is being created that can grow with the organisation and that Garanti Bank International can maintain and expand themselves.

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