Article VNSG Magazine - Read in this interview with Wil Janssen, Financial Director of Pure Ingredients, how the ready-to-use BI solution BI4SAP Live, gives Pure Ingredients improved access to their database along with faster and better insight into their processes.

Pure Ingredients made reports in Excel based on data obtained from SAP ERP. “That was very time consuming”, tells Wil Janssen, Financial Director of Pure Ingredients. “We are growing at 10 to 15 percent per year. If we were to continue doing the administration in this way, we would soon be spending 50% more time on Excel. Then we would need more administrative staff. I don't want that. I want to save costs by maximising automation.”
Janssen started looking for a system that would make working with Excel unnecessary. Then work could be done faster and with less chance of mistakes. “I spent a lot of time on preliminary research. It is important to know what you want well in advance, so that you don’t come up against any unwelcome surprises during implementation.”

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