Ensior SAP Lumira webinar at VNSG! - On the 10th of March, 2016, in cooperation with VNSG, we are offering a deep dive SAP Lumira webinar in which we will show the full functionality of this astonishing self-service analysis & visualization tool.

Bring your data to life with SAP Lumira. Let all your non-IT co-workers discover patterns and trends in company data, visualize them and share them. Create stunning interactive dashboards, infographics and maps. All of this using data-import, preparation from Excel and other sources, or simply taken from your existing BusinessObjects Universe.

SAP Lumira makes it easy for you to share insights and storyboards with your team. If you’re using the BusinessObjects platform, insights can be shared just like regular BO-reports. Your end-users will no longer be needing third party tools for their own analyses and dashboards!

During this session we will demonstrate the following functions:

  • Introduction SAP Lumira
  • Data import and preparation (Excel, but also using the Universe)
  • Creation of various types of visualizations (Maps, infographics, dashboards)
  • Self-service analysis of data
  • Sharing visualizations


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