Flexible use of license agreement with BI Suite of SAP BusinessObjects - Good news for companies working with the former CPU based license model of SAP BusinessObjects or those that want to profit more from BusinessObjects only than Web Intelligence. A conversion to the BI Suite offers the option to license this platform based on real use either on 'named users' and/or 'concurrent sessions'. With the BI Suite organizations profit from more users per license and extended functionality.

License per user: more users

When increasing your BI power it is no longer necessary purchasing additional CPU licenses with the BI Suite. One can now choose between 'named users' and 'concurrent sessions'. With concurrent sessions more flexibility is gained as well as allowing more users access to the self-service analysis modules of the BI Suite, including mobile access. Therefore not every new project or user expansion requires an additional license investment.

The BI Suite offers more functionality containing the following modules:

• BI Platform for Management and portal
• Crystal for Reporting
• Web Intelligence for Reporting, Multi Source Query and Analysis
• Dashboards for Dashboarding
• Explorer for Data Discovery
• Lumira for Self Service Analysis
• Mobile BI for Mobile BI

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