Lots of news at Cognos Performance 2008 - During the 9th edition of Cognos' Performance, Cognos lead by its new Dutch country manager Gerlof du Bois showed a bunch of interesting new features added to their product suite.

With the release of IBM Cognos 8 v4 new features are introduced like flash based self service dashboards, extended search and mobile functionality and TM1 en Now! can both be used as data sources.Other new features in IBM Cognos 8 v4 are the capability to use the Business Glossary (part of IBM's InfoSphere), annotations and data lineage.

With the complete new product IBM Cognos 8 Business Viewpoint business users can create business models to restructure their business information to be used for decisions making and speed up work processes without disturbing underlying systems.

During the Performance 2008 Cognos introduced IBM Cognos 8 Financial Performance Analytics. This is the latest enhancement of the Cognos' family of analytical applications. This software developed for organisations to get quick insights in financial performance. Click here to find more information about Cognos products.

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