About business intelligence. Data is silver, information is golden. - This book - published by Uitgeverij TIEM - is available from January 26. Because of its expertise in this field Ensior is asked to contribute to this book.

Order your copy nowOn one thing all serious entrepreneurs agree: the best decisions you make based on complete and reliable information: the intelligence of the business. How you obtain that information, is a completely different matter. Since business intelligence (BI) has become a discipline, there are many methodologies, tools, solutions and what else there is already developed. The often substantial investments in the past not always gave the targeted returns.

Partly because of those hard lessons the insights in the field of BI advanced. This book provides an overview of the state of affairs. Nineteen experts will present their perspectives on their discipline and guide the reader to that demanding but rewarding journey of turning raw data into useful management information. In other words: data is silver, information is golden.

The book can be ordered for € 26.50 (€ 2.60 shipment excluded) at Uitgeverij TIEM.
On the site of Uitgeverij TIEM, visitors also view contents, the preface and view summaries.
It will also by available through the regular online channels.

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