Ensior consultants into Data Vault - Recently, Ensior's consultants followed a master class Data Vault. The master class was given by Dan Linstedt, the founding father of the Data Vault Model.

Dan LinstedtThis flexible, scalable and consistent method is ideal for modeling an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). It offers enormous advantages in complex Data Warehouses that are subject to a constant stream of changes.

Ensior successfully carries out projects for several years now using the Data Vault Model. These are performed by some Ensior consultants who have several years of experience with this method.
But Ensior sees so many advantages in using the Data Vault Model that now - after following the master class - its BI and Datawarehousing consultants will let their customers benefit from the Data Vault Model.

For more information about Dan Linstedt or the Data Vault Model go to his website.

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