A lot of interest in the latest developments and the Ensior Solutions - For the Ensior seminar on Microsoft BI which we had planned on Tuesday the 14th of February the interest in this subject was so large that we had to arrange an additional session. Eventually we received over 50 registrations and had two seminars crowded with people interested in the Microsoft BI suite and the standard Ensior Solutions, such as Analytics4NAV.

Self Service BI is now within reach
During the seminar our senior BI specialists presented the latest developments on Microsoft BI. We received enthusiastic reactions of the attendees on the user friendliness, the unmatched possibilities and the practical applicability of Power BI.
When the datasets are correct and the users well trained, with an interactive BI tool like Power BI, Self Service BI is now within reach.

Power BI also available for on premise use!
We have noticed that a large number of organizations are not eager to work with a cloud BI application, in which both the reports as well as the data are placed outside the company’s walls. Mainly because they have the feeling losing control of their company data.

Senior BI consultant Bart Linders demonstrated the Technical Preview of Microsoft BI, with the most recent added features. In this version it is possible to publish Power BI (desktop) reports to your local SSRS portal instead of to the cloud environment of powerbi.com. With these features Power BI is also available for on premise use!

A quick start to a modern BI solution
Ensior does not only offer Datawarehouse Automation, but also provides organizations with quick start BI solutions for Dynamics NAV, AX, CRM, SAP BusinessOne and SAP ECC. With these solutions our clients can finally replace Excel as a reporting application for an advanced easy to implement BI tool. Because every company situation is unique, the approach to implement such a modern tool should always be custom made. Ensior therefore offers a BI architecture advice to organizations who are interested in Business Intelligence.

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