VNSG Congress 2009 - Ensior visited the VNSG Congress, on April 16 and 17, for the first time as one of the sponsors. Sander Honig, Ensior's Commercial Director, looks back very satisfied at a VNSG Congress.


"We are very pleased with the positive interest in the Ensior's Xcelsius dash boarding solutions by SAP users . For the first time there was a real SAP BusinessObjects specialist at the congress who presented the new face of SAP to the attendees." said Sander Honig.
This is in line with the vision of Leo Apotheker, co-CEO of SAP AG. "We go to the next phase in software development. We want to improve your systems without business disruption," said Apotheker. He calls this "timeless software".


For two days participants in the MECC in Maastricht were treated to high quality keynote speakers and presentations.
Annemarie van Gaal, media entrepreneur and investor, managed at the time of banking crises in 1998  to become the largest publisher of Moscow there. During her presentation she did report her experiences.
Willem Vermeend, former State Secretary of Finance, let his light shine on the credit crisis on the basis of a book he recently wrote about. He went to the major causes of the crisis, crises of the past and measures that are required.

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