Compass Group Nederland and Province of Noord-Brabant have opted for the new BI4SAP Live reporting solution from Ensior. With BI4SAP Live, end users of SAP ERP can quickly compile reports themselves - without prior technical knowledge. An expensive data warehouse is not needed while the option of real-time reporting remains. BI4SAP Live is Ensior’s response to the difficult generation of SAP ERP reports without using SAP BW.

Why select BI4SAP Live?
Both Compass Group NL and Province of Noord-Brabant already use SAP ERP for their most important business processes; however, they found that reporting on SAP ERP remains a time-consuming and arduous challenge. Flexibility and speed were lacking while the information needs from the business kept changing regularly. The reporting process was strongly dependent on the IT department’s time-consuming and manual operations. Therefore linking with non-SAP proved to be difficult. The reporting results were not fully reliable. During a trial setup BI4SAP Live showed the desired reporting data within days - while directly originating from the SAP tables - in understandable business definitions. Another important reason to select BI4SAP Live was that it is a solution based on SAP BusinessObjects.

What does BI4SAP Live offer?
BI4SAP Live is a ready-to-use reporting solution for companies using SAP ERP systems. The solution is based on SAP BusinessObjects BI technology and is used to quickly and easily create reliable business information from SAP and possibly non-SAP systems.

No data warehouse, no SAP Business Warehouse
Since BI4SAP Live reports directly on the SAP tables - or a copy of the SAP tables - an expensive data warehouse is unnecessary. This makes the solution less complex and more flexible, resulting in low maintenance costs.

Ready for real-time reporting
In addition to the recurring management reporting, BI4SAP Live is also suitable for operational decision making via real-time reporting on the SAP environment.

Easy to understand business language
Data from the SAP ERP modules is displayed in easy to understand and consistent business definitions. This includes the underlying logic. This enables users to prepare their reports independently.

Advantages for Compass and Province of Noord - Brabant
The reporting process now has a foundation of reliable information. The earlier Excel ‘spaghetti’ was a process characterized by manual, time-consuming and error-prone activities and therefore not fully reliable. Business users can now independently report on their SAP data. New reporting requirements can be fulfilled within days instead of months. Within the organization, everyone works with the same definitions of KPIs within the solution, which leads to less discussions.

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