Sales Dashboard

For the entire sales force - from sales executives to representatives - it is better if they spend more time building relationships and closing deals, rather than finding and analyzing conflicting information from different systems. They need the information consolidated into a single Sales Dashboard. In other words, they do not want to manage data, but act on it.

Through the constant stream of leads, changing forecasts, lost or won deals it is often difficult to see how your sales force is doing. Are they lie on track? Which deal or prospect needs extra attention to persuaded him? Using a dashboard that shows the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) your sales department is able to answers these questions.

Its extensive knowledge of sales enables Ensior to develop your own Sales Dashboard. A Sales Dashboard with most important KPIs in the sales process is already created for you by Ensior. In this intuitive dashboard the status of the sales is shown. It shows selling, sales funnel and top 10 customers. The current data against the plan and the past two years. The sales numbers and also the Euros are analyzed.

The Sales Dashboard could serve as a starting point to quickly understand the status of your organization. And it can easily be linked to your own systems to display your own sales information.

To view the dashboard, you must enter your name and e-mail address, then the dashboard gets visible.

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