HRM Dashboard

A business manager is depending on the availability of current management information to control his business. This goes for HR information as well. Often HR information is summarized in a document and sent by mail to the HR department and a few line managers to be judged. This information quickly loses its value, in fact it is no longer current by the time of sending.

How different is it if an intuitive dashboard is used with the provision of the needed information. A HR Dashboard, specifically for the HR department and the management layer, which not only provides insight into the composition of the workforce, the development, but also in default statistics and growth rates based on wage costs, for example.

Ensior has supported organizations in providing insight into their HR information for years now and has used that knowledge to develop a predefined HRM Dashboard. The dashboard presents the main indicators, namely: Costs, Absenteeism, Proceedings, Application and Reasons for Departure. And this either based on the number of persons or the number of FTEs.

This HRM Dashboard could serve as a starting point to quickly understand the status of your organization. And it can easily be linked to your own systems to display your own HR information.

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