BI4SAPCompanies are evolving. Because of growth or changes business processes are becoming more complex. This means for companies using SAP that it is increasingly difficult and costly to get the right information from their SAP system. And meanwhile the information needs increase. This requires a technology that is flexible enough to deliver this information. BI4SAP offers the solution.

Ensior knows from her years of experience that the implementation of BI using SAP BW in a SAP environment often is a lengthy and costly process. BI4SAP changes that. BI4SAP is a complete out of the box BI platform and almost all SAP modules are pre-configured. BI4SAP is available in 2 versions: BI4SAP Datawarehouse and BI4SAP Live. 

BI4SAP Datawarehouse

The data extraction from SAP and the optimization of the data for your reporting is already done for you. Therefore use is made of NemisFs developed by NewFrontiers (now Teradata). You can immediately start to execute the analysis and development of relevant reports or dashboards. BI4SAP was developed with the latest SAP BusinessObjects tooling, therefore you can profit from a flexible and scalable BI platform.

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Is a complete BI solution that virtually all SAP modules unlocks through a semantic data layer. This solution even has the option to run realtime, enabling operational BI for your organisation. Due to the improvements in hardware and software, we do not always need a data structure that is prevalent in datawarehouses. And this gives a simple solution with lower maintenance costs and greater flexibility as a result.

Ensior is convinced of the added value of BI4SAP for your organization. Are you planning to introduce BI on SAP within your organization, or to replace your current SAP BI solution? This is the moment to start with BI4SAP.

Click here to download the full description of this solution.

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