Process Intelligence

Ensior Process IntelligenceIn order to be successful and have a head start on the competition organisations continuously measure their achievements. In order to get a better grip on business processes in the organisation they are critically examined. This leads to an improved result for the customer, a lowering of operational costs and an increase in process performance. The ultimate goal that is sought after is: operational excellence.

To obtain a correct view of your organisation more is required than just measuring KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Insight into your operational processes is just as important. The methodology that provides this insight is: Business Process Management (BPM).

By combining Ensior’s many years' and in-depth experience with BI and BPM, Ensior ensures that you actually get that grip of your business processes that is necessary to give you a head start. Ensior calls this combination of BI and BPM: Process Intelligence.

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