Business Intelligence Competence Centres

Ensior Business Intelligence Competence CentresIt is required to be constantly on top of the various systems within your supply chain; from managing and planning your resources to monitoring the success of services to clients. Adapting your operations to meet the increasing synergy required between the various silos within your organisation is a battle. Companies are therefore paying increasing attention to their business intelligence (BI) investments in order to save time and increase productivity. The creation of a BI Competence Centre (BICC) has bridged a significant gap towards streamlining operations and improving customer value.

BI has been around for decades but it is only recently playing a strategic role in many organisations, a role which translates strategy and vision into actionable decisions and bottom-line revenue.

With the ongoing demand for performance, the value of the BICC is becoming more apparent. Organisations now understand through the realisation of a BICC, that they are able to achieve greater competitive advantage and exercise more control over their costs and operational budgets. Ensior’s team of professional and skilled consultants is fully equipped to support you in realising your BICC objectives.

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Making Business Intelligence Work