Data Warehousing

Data WarehousingOrganisations that aim to excel need to have a good picture of their business and they need the right information. Visualised information allows them to take the decisions that lead to success. Therefore often data from multiple sources is needed. This data can be stored in a Data Warehouse, where it can be combined and analysed.

To supply the required information relevant data is collected with advanced datawarehousing tools (or ETL: Extraction, Transformation & Load) from various systems both inside and outside the organisation. The data is stored in a Datawarehouse (DWH) in such a way that this data can be combined and trends can be made visible.

Ensior helps you with the development or improvement of the data model, the architecture and the ETL processes of your Datawarehouse for a perfect link to your information requirements. We use the dimensional modelling techniques of Bill Inmon, Ralph Kimball and Dan Linstedt's Data Vault.

Parallel to this we take care of quality improvement of existing (meta-) data and we ensure an optimal operation. For good reasons, the Datawarehouse is the heart of your BI solution.

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