Data Migration

Data MigrationA lengthy, costly and difficult to manage part of the implementation of a new system is always getting the data from the old system and then make it suitable and transfer it to the new system. The data migration.

A tool with features for ETL - Extraction, Transformation & Load - can greatly simplify this process. This method is not specially developed for data migration, but has been used before in the creation and filling of data warehouses as a tool to extract data from various sources, to inspect, cleanse and make it suitable for use in the data warehouse.
ETL is not only for data warehousing, but can also be used for data migration: the two applications are quite similar to each other. Data migration can be much more effective and smoothly through ETL. The errors become smaller and the process is easier and faster.
Many companies have an ETL tool on the shelf because there is already a data warehouse in place. The tool can be used again which is in terms of Return on Investment of course very pleasant. And chances are that ETL knowledge is already in the house.

Ensior consultants are experts in the field of using ETL tools for data migration. And they have already helped many organizations to introduce new systems smoothly and faster using this approach.

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