DashboardsThe most common need for organizations is the availability of relevant control information at short notice. But the naming and defining of the appropriate performance indicators is often a huge challenge. This besides the development of a dashboard to clearly present and monitor this information at a glance.

Complex information can be presented at a glance. Namely with by using a dashboard. A dashboard displays information that has been extracted from the organization. What exactly information that is varies by situation. What systems are hanging under the dashboard is often not so relevant to the end user.
What does matter is: How the information is offered? A good dashboard is simple and has an intuitive design, allows complex information to be monitored, signaled and processed at a glance, also showing interrelationships between data. In short: Form follows function.

Ensior has years of experience in providing information from various business processes and delivering insight through dashboards. Click here for more information about Ensior‘s predefined deployable dashboards.

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