Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing

bi_and_datawarehousing_img_235x210Organisations that want to excel and gain a head start over the competition need a good insight into their business and especially have a need for the correct information. Information that enables organisations to take those decisions that actually achieves this. The best way to gather that information from the various systems within the organisation and to combine and make it visible is: Business Intelligence (BI).

BI is all about knowledge. Knowledge not only about the internal organisation and processes, but also about the outside world. Information is necessary about all these things to be able to take better decisions, to provide input to the organisation's strategy and to monitor the progress of the strategy.

In recent years more and more organisations have come to realise the value of BI and its contribution to their business strategy. This is the reason why BI is becoming even more business critical.

In its total package of BI services - containing the traditional BI elements such as reporting and analysis, Ensior also has a focus on four other areas:

Data Warehousing Data Migration Mobile BI Dashboards

Ensior consultants are very experienced professionals who combine their extensive BI expertise with in-depth industry knowledge. This makes Ensior the best supplier of your Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse solutions. Solutions that allow you to excel and get a head start.

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Making Business Intelligence Work