Data migration doesn’t have to be difficult

best_practice_3The implementation of a new system is not always painless. That is often not so much caused by the system itself, but perhaps due to a lack of knowledge it is thought to be easy to implement.

Symptomatic is the way for dealing with an underlying but critical process: data migration. It soon turns out to be not as easy as thought to fit in the data from the legacy system into the new system. Data Migration is often a lengthy, costly and difficult to control process with a significant chance of failure. Without good data, each system is unusable. Could it be otherwise? Yes, it can. A tool with ETL features - Extraction, Transformation & Load - can simplify the process considerably.

This article, published in the Best Practices Quarterly Review volume 2011-3, stands up for the use of an ETL tool for data migration.

Click here to download the article (in Dutch).

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