BICC: Where should it be positioned

Several years ago the concept of the Business Intelligence Competence Centre (BICC) was introduced. Any problems involving Business Intelligence (BI) can be dealt with more quickly, effectively and proactively by setting up a BICC in an organisation. In addition, the BICC encourages the use of BI throughout the organisation across internal boundaries. However, many organisations who intend to set up a BICC are struggling with the problem that they do not know where or how they should position a BICC in their own organisation.

Before taking action some fundamental questions require careful consideration. Fortunately, most of the answers can be found within the organisation itself.

This white paper is mainly concerned with the question of what position the BICC should take in the organisation. There will be looked at the considerations determining whether a centralised or decentralised approach is chosen or a hybrid solution. Finally, it looks at how to arrange the financing for a BICC.

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