BI helps AME to maintain a flat organisation at continuous growth

vnsg201102_150x212A strong focus on technology and automation ensures AME for success in a growing market of high-tech electronics products. To show that AME will continue its organization as flat as possible and unnecessary management layers should be avoided. The SAP BI solution enables everyone at AME to monitor whether the stated objectives of that day have been achieved.

NewFrontiers had exactly the solution AME was looking for; a ready-made solution - fully based on SAP BusinessObjects technology - to unlock data from SAP ERP and combining this with data from various other systems. After the implementation, in cooperation with NewFrontiers and Ensior, AME owns a complete BI solution which integrates SAP and non-SAP.

This article, published in the May 2011 issue of the VNSG Magazine, shows how AME succeeded in having the entire organisation use BI.

Click here to download the article (in Dutch).

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