Be prepared for better times

The next step in Business Intelligence

The recession is over and there are many signs that the economy gains momentum. Companies are looking to move forward again and to switch from survival mode to growth mode. To avoid resuming the competition delayed the usage of adult Business Intelligence more important than ever. But, looks mature BI are the same in any organization? And how do you take the next step for reliable business information that is widely accessible?

This article addresses the question of where organisations have to look at and how they prepare themselves for the next step in the growth path to more maturity of its Business Intelligence, but also the organisation itself.

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tiem_over_bi_front_cover_spotlightThis article appeared in the book:
"Over business intelligence. Data is zilver, informatie is goud" ("About business intelligence. Data is silver, information is golden")
published by Uitgeverij TIEM.
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-79272-11-2

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