Strategy Alignment

Ensior Formula - Strategy Alignment

Developing a management information system will only be effective if it fits in with the organisation's strategic goals. We are able to get an impression and understanding of your vision and strategy quickly, enabling us to introduce the right nuances in your management information and create a better match between the business objectives and the associated control instruments. This ensures that the right indicators are being monitored and decisions can be taken more quickly and more effectively. Our approach prevents mismatches with your strategy and avoids the risk of superfluous reports.

By defining the right Key Performance Indicators you make sure that a strategy, once implemented, can be measured. Ensior's consultants can help you with that. Introducing such indicators will then lead to an organisation that can be managed more effectively.

Specific knowledge of the sector and experience with similar business operations are factors that contribute to successful execution of BI projects for clients. Process-oriented thinking is an essential ingredient for such projects, combined with the communication skills of Ensior's consultants.

Keywords for this element are:Matching relevant KPI's to the strategyReusing knowledge of processes Reusing knowledge about the sector Best practice KPI-definitionsPreventing KPI-overkill

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