Quality Assurance

Ensior Formula - Quality Assurance

Being assured of the quality is something that starts before the project kicks off. The consultants' qualifications and knowledge of the market segment help generate confidence. Assessments of whether the criteria are still being met are carried out objectively at fixed points during the project. This allows quality to be assured, with timely adjustments being made if necessary.

If both the client and the consultant are aware of the need to carry out tests, this helps ensure continuity of quality levels. We do not allow ourselves to assume something exists; we want to know it for certain and to be able to prove it.

We get better guarantees for the future by carrying out an evaluation at the end. The emphasis is on neutral, objective working procedures that should not lose sight of the quality of the data and should keep risks as low as possible. If both the client and the consultant appreciate high quality and the need to carry out tests, they both can help to guarantee quality.

Keywords in the quality assurance for your project are:Consultants' knowledge levelsExperience with tools and the market segment Objectivity Quality checksEvaluations

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