People, processes and systems

Ensior Formula - People, processes and systems

Ensior's consultants function as a link when it comes to people, processes and systems. Their thorough, wide-ranging knowledge helps every BI project to be a success. They aim for optimum collaboration whereby nobody's interests are forgotten.

Intensive knowledge transfer takes place at regular intervals. Knowledge is then used as an instrument enabling the client's wishes to be met and support to be built up. Flexible communication plays a key part in this process.

It is not the BI system itself that is the goal; it will only add value once staff are using it correctly and with enthusiasm and the BI processes have been set up properly. Close collaboration and paying proper attention to knowledge transfer ensure people, processes and systems are united.

Here, too, communication is the key. People, processes and systems should form a dynamic whole. Optimum collaboration is achieved by understanding what each party's interests are within the whole. Thorough, wide-ranging knowledge is essential in order to fulfil this linking role.

Keywords for this element are:Linking functionOptimum collaboration Knowledge transfer and support Setup for BI processesBICC

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