Maturity Model

Ensior Formula - Maturity Model

The Ensior BI Maturity Check is one of the instruments for determining what developmental phase a BI organisation is in and the position of BI in the organisation. Using these findings, we will advise you on the roadmap for your Business Intelligence initiatives and, if relevant, on the BI system most suited to your company..

Ensior applies the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle in the development of your BI environment. Raising this to a mature level makes your organisation more capable of making further improvements and progressing with the aid of the instruments it has acquired. Business Intelligence supports and facilitates this cycle, helping to lift the organisation to a higher level.

You can implement BI technology in your planning procedures by using trend analyses, forecasts and historical data. Operational reporting helps in the execution. One way of carrying out checks is to compare actuals with the planning figures, while analyses with the aid of the BI environment help you with the Act part of the Maturity Model..

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