Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social ResponsibilityCorporate Social Responsibility means that companies in addition to the profit motive (profit) also consider the impact of their activities on the environment (planet) and that in attention to human aspects within and outside the company (people). It is therefore a balance between people, planet and profit. Ensior is convinced that this balance leads to better results for both the company and society.


It is important to Ensior to contribute to sustainability. For a few examples:

Social responsibility

The Ensior's only products are the services it offers to its customers. Ensior also takes its social responsibility by having an aid organisation as War Child selflessly benefit from the expertise of Ensior. Ensior has helped War Child to gain more insight into its internal processes. This insight provides the aid organisation with the necessary relief handles to further improve the quality of her work. Read more about Ensior's aid to War Child.

Another aid organisation Ensior supports is LEO Project, a non-profit organisation with the objective to improve the lives of people and wildlife in Sri Lanka. For LEO Project Ensior donated the shipment of 155 computers to Sri Lanka.

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